Boatyard DIY

Empire Marina Lake Macquarie welcomes Boatyard DIY clients 52 weeks of the year and also operates a full service marina yard. We are the best boatyard in Lake Macquarie for DIY vessel maintenance, detailing, and repair work.

Boatyard DIY

Empire Marina Lake Macquarie Boatyard DIY facilities are here to support clients looking to carry out maintenance, detailing and repair work of their own vessel. Our friendly and experienced boatyard team can lift and transport your vessel onto a hardstand or cradle ready to get started. The marina chandlery stocks a wide range of boating and antifoul products to help you complete your DIY project. The marina office also provides DIY clients with relevant product data sheets and safe work procedures to ensure DIY projects are carried out in a safe and effective manner.

Scroll down to find out the 4 Steps to complete before starting a DIY Boatyard project at Empire Marina Lake Macquarie.

What do I need to do before starting a boatyard DIY project?

1. BIA Marine Card

All DIY visitors undertaking work in the boatyard are required to have a BIA Marina Card. This includes boat owners and anyone assisting with the DIY work . The Marine Card is the marine industry’s Workplace Health & Safety induction card. Register for the card here

Marine Card

BIA Marina Card required for all DIY work

2. Induction Video

All DIY visitors and their helpers are also required to watch the short induction video. The induction video was created as an introduction to the boatyard and includes important guidelines for carrying out DIY projects with consideration for our marina environment and safety while working in the yard.

Watch the Empire Marina Lake Macquarie Induction Video

Empire Marina Lake Macquarie Induction Video

Watch the Boatyard Induction Video

3. Complete the DIY Registration Pack

The Boatyard DIY Registration Package must be completed before commencing work in the boatyard.

Download the DIY Registration Package, fill it out, and drop it into the office.

Our friendly marina team can assist with any questions you might have to help you complete the package.

Empire Marina Lake Macquarie DIY Registration Package

Complete the DIY Registration Pack


Boatyard DIY visitors are required to read through the Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and Manufacturers Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the specific jobs they are undertaking. Copies of these can be found in the marina office. If you are unsure where to start, please discuss the DIY project with our friendly team who can help you identify the relevant documents for the work you intend to carry out on your boat.

Marmong Point Marina Safe Work Method Statement Sample

Read through Safe Work Method Statements